The Print Center | The Picture that Remains, 2015

Will Brown & Thomas Devaney, The Picture that Remains, 2015 $35.00

Photographs by Will Brown
Poems by Thomas Devaney

38 quadtone plates
64 plates with dust jacket
8.5" x 11"

The Picture that Remains reveals the power of collaboration. Together photographer Will Brown and poet Thomas Devaney have created a book that accentuates the beauty and poignancy of each discrete medium, photograph and poem, as well as the mysterious interplay between them. In addition to presenting Brown's previously unpublished, exquisite black and white photographs from the early 1970s, and Davaney's supple and evocative poems, The Picture that Remains charts an evolving and unlikely story between both artists and their subsequent collaborative enterprise. Vincent Katz introduces the works by delving into the nature of collaborative projects between authors and artists. The Picture that Remains brings Brown's magnificent images to light after thirty years; ironically the images prefigured what his pictures would become - a paean to a time and moment long passed.