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Treasure (Zine)
Treasure (Zine)

Katie Baldwin

Treasure (Zine)


Letterpress cover with Xerox throughout
Hand-stitched binding
5.5" x 5.5"
Edition of 50

This zine is based on the artist book Treasure, written by Katie Baldwin. It was created for the Outloud performance at The Print Center which was presented as part of Philagrfika 2010: The Graphic Unconscious.  It is a narrative poem of a woman at the turning point in her life. The writing is about the need for real change, action taken and effective outcomes-- however the outcomes are both unexpected and unpredictable. It is a text that reads at first as a personal change, yet alludes to the imminent need for change everywhere. Images are appropriated from a Jiffy Pop popcorn label and the Japanese text provides instructions for making popcorn.