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Robert Cumming

Upon the Head

27.5" x 22"
Edition of 30
14 Artist Proofs
Published by The Print Center

Artist Statement:

"The Eye/Mind Set suite of lithographs was produced during my residency at The Print Club of Philadelphia in 1989. I had just made my first trips to the granite quarries of Vermont; the textural parallel is obvious. The four objects depicted have varied origins: a fat, poorly drawn apothecary vessel from a drugstore sign in Philadelphia; a Morton Thiokol rocket engine; a short, sharped pencil; and a hive-like threaded-spool identical to those I was having fabricated of granite in Vermont. I've worked a few subtleties on the four images so that their scale is indeterminate. They can be of a size to be held in the hand, on the scale of monuments, or on the massive scale of architecture (there is a small entry-way in the base of each).

I was obsessed at the time by a mysterious verse in a poem by Emily Dickinson, only four lines long. Each line captions the bottom of the print."  Robert Cumming