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A Very Lovely Lady
Crawling Away
Little Kid Hands
Mazarin/Burning Brides
Need New Body / Gong

Ben Woodward

Ben Woodward (Philadelphia, PA) makes prints and paintings featuring invented, furry humanoid characters. These endearing creatures suggest an awareness of their own limitations and imperfections. Woodward was quoted as describing his work as “surrealism for people that were taught to read by muppets.”

Woodward attended the Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, and is one of the founding members of the artist's collective Space 1026 in Philadelphia. His work has been exhibited at galleries across the country as well as in underground art exhibitions including Spector Gallery, Philadelphia; the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia and White Columns, New York. He is a featured artist of the Projet Mobilivre Bookmobile and has produced numerous artist books.