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David Graham, Almost Paradise $29.95

80 pages
Published by Pond Press
From the Publisher

These photographs document the American cultural landscape and, in particular, the intersection of the commercial world and the desire of Americans to express their singularity. This book is for photography lovers, collectors of Americana, architecture fans, and travelers. It is the Americana road trip in a book.

Almost Paradise embraces the American culture with affection and celebrates the character of the American people. Tirelessly traveling the United States, David Graham captures the colorful, sometimes surreal, and often bizarre in the thoroughly American landscape. Graham seeks out subjects that celebrate our singular freedom of expression in colorful roadside attractions and general oddities. Chronicling the American scene with his unique sensibility and acknowledging popular forms of American photography—the snapshot, the family portrait, and vacation pictures—Graham brings relevance to the creativity and dreams of the common man.