America 101
America 101

Arthur Grace

America 101

101 black and white photographs
128 pages
11 1/2" x 11 1/2"
Fall Line Press

Arthur Grace has traveled globally and to every region of America on assignment for major news organizations as well as for his own personal projects since the early 1970s. In America 101, Grace draws 101 pictures from his rich personal archive of the United States to assemble a visual crash course on what defines and represents us as Americans.

Organized here into thematic chapters, Grace’s book subjectively and insightfully plumbs America’s cultural DNA. Fusing the style and the physical proximity of a photojournalist with the conceptual distance and healthy skepticism of an artist, his pictures speak to a set of themes that resonate deeply with the American experience over the past half century, revealing the simultaneously familiar and curious rituals of American life.