The Print Center | Good Game Issue 1

Sam Belkowitz, Good Game Issue 1 $10.00

Full color art quarterly
62 pages

"As an artist, I am stimulated by my surrounding environment. My desire to share the inspiration I find around me was the impetus to launch Good-Game, a printed art quarterly based in the City of Brotherly Love.  I am psyched to share this first issue, which includes many Philadelphia artists that have "game."  Their insightful work involves landmarks, people, and a historical and conceptual atmosphere unique to Philadelphia, yet in conversation with the larger contemporary art world.
Good-Game aims to nurture connections between Philadelphia-based artists, writers, collectives, alternative spaces, commercial galleries, museums, and educational programs, as a means of supporting and promoting a dynamic and growing creative community.  The motivation for Good-Game stems from the need for Philadelphia to have a platform for dialogue between the local arts community and the national and international art world. For this reason, this and subsequent issues of Good-Game will feature not only Philadelphia-based artists, events, and exhibitions, but national and international ones as well."
Contributors include Zoe Strauss, Thom Lessner, Jesse Butcher, Jamie Diamond, Barbara Jenkings, Issac Lin, Matthew Pruden, Matthew Suib, Nadia Hironaka, Christopher P. Mcmanus, Lee Arnold, Micah Danges, Will Brown, Maria Dumlao, Jessie Pires, Shana Illingworth, Josh Rickards, Drew Dunlap, Michelle Chong, Gabie Strong, Danielle McCullough, Tim Eads, Carlos Avendano, Raul Romero, Austen Brown, Stacey Dougherty, Lord Whimsey, Lauren Ruth, Beth Heinly