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David Graham, Land of the Free: What Makes Americans Different $25.00

96 Pages
Published by Aperture

Take an Elvis impersonator, a Ben Franklin look-a-like and a circus animal trainer and what do you get? Just a few of the colorfully entertaining portraits created by photographer and humorists David Graham.  A tireless traveler and a natural-born storyteller, Graham has photographed ordinary folks in their homes, at work, and at play across the nation—from his native Pennsylvania to New Mexico, and many places in between. Circus trainers, farmers, fishermen, and folks on vacation all captured on film, and all capturing the vibrant essence of being unique. Accompanied by the wry insights of National Public Radio commentator and author Andrei Codrescu, Land of the Free showcases the figures that give America its character--from the amusing portraits of celebrity look-a-likes Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis--to the stately poses of historical legends Ben Franklin, Christopher Columbus, and George Washington--to the lively real-life characters in-between.