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Webinars for Professional Photographers with Mary Virginia Swanson

 Saturday, October 3 

The Long Term Personal Project: From Concept to Audience

1pm – 5:30pm (ET) on Zoom
Limited to 100 participants 

Swanson will lead participants through the essential steps of research and decision-making to create work that is authentic in creation and presentation with the strongest possibility of sponsorship, exhibition and publication.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO ATTEND: Photographers who have identified a project topic or have begun production on a project that they hope to share with larger audience.

COST: $50 non-members/$25 members

Small Group Personal Project Reviews

Prerequisite: The Long Term Personal Project: From Concept to Audience

Sunday, October 4
Session 1: 1:00pm–4:00pm (ET) – SOLD OUT
Session 2: 9:00am–12:00pm (ET) 

An opportunity to discuss a current photographic project in a 20-minute session with Swanson, joined by Ksenia Nouril or Elizabeth Spungen and fellow participants. Projects may be in any stage of creation.  In advance of the workshop, participants will beasked to submit a Project Statement, 10 jpgs and a Project Status Checklist (to be provided).

WHO IS ELIGIBLE TO ATTEND: Photographers who attend  The Long-Term Personal Project: from Concept to Audience, on Saturday, October 3, 2020

COST: $100 non-members /$75 members 

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