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Linn Edwards, Mr. Lupone's Travel Journal $12.00

Spiral bound artist book
5" x 8" closed
25 pages

From the book: "Mr Lupone travels extensively for his employer, making sales calls on manufacturers located throughout the eastern seaboard. He found a camera in a hotel room, one of the many blank rooms where he spends more nights than he does his own bedroom at home in New Jersey. The resulting photographs he takes between meetings and during long, lonely weekends during his travels. The camera gives him a means to be around others and to explore places, although these are remote, impersonal interactions. "This series is an account of a solitary man's wanderings, observing people with an outsider's gaze. He is distanced from family and friends, a network barely held together by infrequent postcard dispatches." Mr. Lupone, his photographs and his correspondence are all creations of the artist.