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Linn Edwards, Private Domain $35.00

Perfect bound, digital offset printed book
Full color
20 pages
Unsigned and Unnumbered 
Edition of 20 

Private Domain is a selection of photographs from Linn Edwards' five year photography portrait project. By using color negative film and natural light, Ms. Edwards lends a psychological aspect to the images that are made specifically in these women's New York and Brooklyn apartments. From the Photographer: "These women are whole-heartedly pursuing their passions and ambitions. This is a new generation that has not defined a new gender role for themselves. Between the moments of soaring freedom and stifling loneliness is an area of great individual productivity and searching, a time of life that could not be explored during parenthood or partnership. Through these photographs, I hope to capture this moment of many New York women's life that is in between young adulthood and middle age, before settling down and after the flurry of self-discovery that occurs in the twenties."