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Printeresting, The California Printmaker $10.00

It’s finally here- The California Printmaker guest-edited by Printeresting! At the beginning of 2011, was approached by Anthony Ryan and Meri Brin of the California Society of Printmakers about guest-editing the 2011 edition of the journal. It’s a 32-page exploration of the relationship of print to internet with a long list of contributors. The magazine includes original writing, original print-related comics, artist profiles as well as an offset poster insert.

Contributors include: Xavier Antin, Andrew Remington Bailey, Aleksandra Domanovic, Stephanie Dotson, Johanna Drucker, Bill Fick, Tate Foley, Julia V. Hendrickson, Paul Laidler, Alex Lukas, Joseph Lupo, 
Daniel Maw, Louise Naunton Morgan, Roja Najaf, John Pyper, Rand Renfrow, Jenny Schmid, Sonnenzimmer, Buzz Spector, Derek Stroup, 
Breanne Trammell, Whitney Trettien, & Joe Winter.