The Print Center | Leisure Pool Suite

Kristen Martincic, Leisure Pool Suite $4,000.00

6 'Leisure Pool' woodcut prints, 1 relief-printed 'H2O Pool Float', housed in a unique artist-made portfolio box
Box dimensions: 11.5" x 15" x 1.75"

The leisure pool suite contains “leisure pools 1 - 6” and an “h2o pool float.” The six woodcuts prints display aerial views of backyard swimming pools; the forms are extracted from their environment, distilled down to their minimal shape and color.

The lid of the box set shows the pools as icons set within a glossy white field reminiscent of a freshly painted pool. Removing the lid reveals the middle layer, a shallow pool that houses a watery blue folder holding the six “leisure pool” prints. The bottom layer of the box reveals “h2o pool float” framed within yet another pool.