Harrison Walker

Harrison Walker received his BFA in studio art at the University of Alabama Huntsville. In 2016, Walker received his MFA in Photography at Tyler School of Art, Temple University, in Philadelphia, PA. He currently lives in Rockport, Maine where he works at Maine Media Workshops + College. Walker is interested in the visual language created by the limits of the basic chemical components in photography and explores this through abstract forms often containing little to no subject. His work references the otherworldly, questioning our perception of time and our relation to the landscape. His work was recently featured in The Hand Magazine and Light Leaked. Walker has shown at Soho Photo, New York, NY; City Hall, Philadelphia, PA; American University, Washington, D.C.; and Pop Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.

Walker’s work is driven by process and explores photographic materialism from many approaches by referencing time, memory, history, and the otherworldly. Searching for forms through found and created imagery, visuals are created that become evocative. By working intuitively through the process of search and discovery, he employs the visual alchemy of printmaking, drawing, and photographic materials to create forms that evoke an experiential and emotional viewing. Walker is interested in abstract forms, departing from the indexical and traditionally referential qualities inherent in photographs and imagery. The subjects sought after are intangible: the sublime; the emotional; the psychological.

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