Perry Oliver

Perry Oliver (Spain) was born in the US. He began his professional career as a partner in an architectural design firm, which ended in 1968, and he traveled to Spain. As a young, self-taught artist in Nerja, a friend introduced him to intaglio printmaking, which began an uninterrupted involvement with it until 1999, when he made his first sculptures. His etchings initiated and now investigate the space his sculptures inhabit.

Oliver has exhibited individually in the US, Spain, Denmark, and has participated in many international collectives. His work forms part of public collections which include Princeton University Library, Princeton, NJ; La Biblioteca Nacional, Madrid, Spain; el Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo, Marbella, Spain; the Picasso Foundation, Málaga, Spain; la Universidad de Málaga, Spain; Tvis Kirke, Denmark. 

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